Lauren Crew is a director and artist who specializes in photography. She is based out of Los Angeles, CA and available for worldwide.

Lauren is a member of  Women Photograph, Komyoon and Diversify Photo.
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Jigisha Bouverat

Hi, I’m Lauren. Brevity has never been my strength, but I will do my best to keep this short(ish).

I’m an artist in Los Angeles and my primary medium is a camera. I’ve worked as an editorial, commercial, and fine art photographer for more than ten years. Portraiture is my sweet spot.

There are many images and projects I’m proud of but most of my pride lies in the process itself: the self-discipline and drive it takes to bring ideas to life. The way time reveals our truths — and the dedication it takes to stay in tune with it all — ignites my creativity. It is important to me that these truths show up in the work.

I make work that is emotional. I’m driven by light, nostalgia, power, and pain. The complex beauty of grief and vulnerability also compels me. Above everything, music inspires me to make images that sing. An app recently told me that I’m “a consummate guide with a gift for addressing the wounds we all experience,” and I felt it in my chest. My recent work has been focused on identity, self-discovery, empowerment and healing. 

Since I started making pictures, photography’s gone from analog to digital, from printing images on paper to airdropping files between phones.

Along the way,
I’ve photographed the view from Half Dome with a disposable camera. I’ve photographed a celebrity 5 days after they won their first Golden Globe. I’ve written an entire photo curriculum, on a napkin, over breakfast with my father. I’ve inhaled many fumes inside a homemade, ventless darkroom. I’ve changed chemicals and color-corrected on Noritsu machines. I’ve made zines with teens. I’ve produced shoots and edited photos for magazines made out of paper. I’ve shared a cubicle with a retoucher we called an Image Wizzard. I’ve carried sandbags — in the sand — for other photographers. I insist on closing my eyes every time I roll film onto a spool, even though it’s pitch black around me. I’ve organized, scanned, and archived everyone’s negatives but my own. I’ve been listed on many call sheets before ever seeing my name next to PHOTOGRAPHER or DIRECTOR.

I’ve felt like quitting numerous times.

I’ve never quit.

There is room for all of us — stay close to people who see it that way.

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